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A Proud Indigenous Family Business

Euabalong’s broombush harvesters 

Discover the uses and beauty of Melaleuca broombush. Melaleuca Merchant is Euabalong’s leading team of broombush harvesters and sellers. Our local team of talented indigenous harvesters utilise hands on and machine-free methods to harvest our quality broombush. Perfect for garden structures and decoration, find out more about our broombush installations and offers.

About us

In operation since 1988, we’re a proud Indigenous family business specialising in brush harvesting. We’re proud of our land, our heritage and our line of work. 

 As one of the last hands on jobs left in Australia, Melaleuca Merchant collects and sells broombush. Managed and sustained by NSW Forests.
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What we do

As understanding our land and our plants, we specialize in harvesting and selling Broom bush in bulk. With a range of practical and aesthetic uses, quality cut broom bush can be used for fencing, gazebos, around the home, as decoration and more. With over 29 years' experience in the industry, self- funded, we are an independent group passionate about sustainable harvesting of broom bush. Using our unique hands on, hand cut, hand- made and machine - free harvesting methods causes minimal disturbance to the regenerative bush. Melaleuca Uncinata an Australian native. Common name (broom bush, brush) 

Local community

We’re proud of our indigenous origins and continue to contribute and give back to our local community. 

We respect the land we work on and take pride in treating it and its products with dignity and gratitude. Our focus is on producing quality harvests and products with great aesthetic and practical value.

 Want to know more about us and what we do? Call 02 6896 6604.

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